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17 Popular Free & Paid Mail Transfer Agents

MTA (mail transfer agent) A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is a software application or program responsible for the sending, receiving, and routing of email messages between mail servers. It acts as the intermediary in the email delivery process, facilitating the transmission of emails across networks and ensuring their successful delivery to the intended recipients. In […]

Installing Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate on iRedMail

Installing an SSL certificate on iRedMail, especially Let’s Encrypt is not so straightforward. Therefore, I had to write an article about it. If you have been following the installation of iRedMail, then already know I used the iRedMail installer in my tutorial on iRedMail. So the steps to install an SSL certificate are as follows. […]

Build SMTP server with iRedMail on Ubuntu 22.04 in Simple Steps

Building an SMTP server with iRedMail could be a little tricky for beginners. But it’s still easy compared to building SMTP with Mailcow or Postal. If you are looking for the easiest way to build your own SMTP server then perhaps you should check building SMTP server with Mailinabox. About iRedMail iRedMail is an open-source […]