Super Easy Way to Install WordPress on Cloud Hosting in 5 min

Installing WordPress on cloud hosting is no simple task. Before you install WordPress you need to install several software packages like apache or Nginx, database, PHP, etc. Unless you are experienced it’s very easy to get lost on the command-line interface. And that’s not all, if any issue pops up ever, you might have to […]

Simplest Way to Configure Postal & Create SMTP + Install SSL

In the article Install Postal SMTP server on Ubuntu 22.04, I already have discussed steps to install Postal Successfully. Now in this article, I will tell you the commands and steps required to configure Postal, create organizations, add domains, create SMTP, etc. Apart from that, I will also discuss the steps required to install an […]

Build Postal SMTP Server & Send Bulk Emails Step by Step on Ubuntu 22.04

Building a Postal SMTP server to send bulk emails is a good choice for email marketers. Postal is very powerful and backed by a large community of developers. It is an open-source mail server script written in JavaScript and Ruby. It can be used to build in-house SMTP servers just like Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, etc. […]

Installing Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate on iRedMail

Installing an SSL certificate on iRedMail, especially Let’s Encrypt is not so straightforward. Therefore, I had to write an article about it. If you have been following the installation of iRedMail, then already know I used the iRedMail installer in my tutorial on iRedMail. So the steps to install an SSL certificate are as follows. […]

Build SMTP server with iRedMail on Ubuntu 22.04 in Simple Steps

Building an SMTP server with iRedMail could be a little tricky for beginners. But it’s still easy compared to building SMTP with Mailcow or Postal. If you are looking for the easiest way to build your own SMTP server then perhaps you should check building SMTP server with Mailinabox. About iRedMail iRedMail is an open-source […]

How to create SMTP with Mailinabox and send unlimited emails

There are many ways to create SMTP and send unlimited emails and Mailinabox is just one of them. Basically, as long as it’s your SMTP server you can send unlimited emails, no restriction at all from your side unless you want to put one. But wait!! There’s a catch. The catch is that ISP doesn’t […]

How to install Virtualmin on CentOS 8

Virtualmin is very robust open source control panel. It can be installed on CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. It runs as module to webmin which is written in perl and provides almost everything required for managing control panel. Once installed you might never need to see command line again even for updating packages. It notifies you […]

Super Easy Way to Generate and Validate DKIM online

Generating and Validating DKIM could be a difficult task sometimes. Therefore, in order to make this task easier there are several tools available online. If you are email marketer then needless to say DKIM plays very important role in email delivery. Whether you are using postfix or powerMTA, you must have valid DKIM entries in […]

Top Bulk Email Verifier & Validation Software and Services

Before, I discuss the list of bulk email verifier and validation software and website, let’s discuss why you should verify the list. To get better inbox delivery Verification minimizes hard bounce Low bounce rate means boost IP and domain reputation It prevents getting blacklisted by ISP To get better return on investment Now the question […]