17 Popular Free & Paid Mail Transfer Agents

MTA (mail transfer agent) A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is a software application or program responsible for the sending, receiving, and routing of email messages between mail servers. It acts as the intermediary in the email delivery process, facilitating the transmission of emails across networks and ensuring their successful delivery to the intended recipients. In […]

Are you listed in Spamhaus? If so, here’s the Guide

This blog dives into the realm of public mirrors, explores the influential Spamhaus Project, sheds light on its error codes, and provides guidance for those finding themselves listed in Spamhaus. In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the security and reliability of online content and email communication is paramount. The Spamhaus Project is slowly introducing error codes […]

All About Port 25, 465, 587, 143, 993, 110 and 995 

Let’s start with some definitions to clarify what Port we’re talking about. What is SMTP? SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a widely used communication protocol that facilitates the transmission of email messages over the internet. It serves as the foundation for sending and receiving emails between mail servers. SMTP works in a client-server model, […]

Unlimited Bulk mailing! How?

When you start bulk mailing to other ISP, there is a risk of being flagged as spam. ISP have strict filtering systems in place to protect their users from unsolicited or unwanted emails. If your emails are marked as spam by recipients or identified as suspicious by the ISP, it can harm your reputation, making […]

Mails not received in either inbox or spam! Here’s the solution..

Experiencing the annoyance of emails disappearing into thin air, neither making it to the inbox nor landing in the spam folder! This common issue, where emails fail to make it to either the inbox or the spam folder, can leave you feeling bewildered and wondering where your messages went. You may have put time and […]

How to check if port 25 is open or not?

In the realm of computer networking, ports play a crucial role in facilitating communication between different systems. Each port serves as a designated gateway for specific services, allowing data to flow in and out. Among these ports, Port 25 holds particular significance as it is responsible for transmitting email traffic via the Simple Mail Transfer […]

Warming up IP? Know the IP reputation with these tools.

Having a good IP reputation as an email sender is super important for making sure your emails reach people’s inboxes. It’s like having a good name in the email world. When you check your email sender reputation, it helps you see how well you’re doing and if there are any problems. Your email sender reputation […]

How to solve AOL mail Deliverability issues?

AOL Mail is a free web-based email delivery service provided by AOL that launched in March 1993. AIM Mail, also known as AOL Instant Messenger, is a division of Verizon Communications. AOL has always been a tough cookie for email marketers. It comprises around 20 percent of the overall B2C email database. Having optimized messages according to […]

How to solve Email Deliverability issues with Yahoo?

Deliverability is a real challenge in the modern email marketing as spam filters are constantly evolving and filtering incoming mail more aggressively than ever. You can check our article on “What email goes to Spam in Gmail, AOL, & others” to know more about it. Yahoo is not an exception. Recently, Yahoo has been stopping […]

How to solve Microsoft deliverability issues?

Solving Microsoft Deliverability Mysteries for Email Success! Are your emails disappearing into the digital abyss? Sometimes, it’s a challenge to make sure they reach people who use Microsoft email services like Hotmail, Outlook.com, Live, and MSN. These services are owned by Microsoft and are used by many people worldwide. If you run an online business, […]