How to Install WordPress on VestaCP

Installing WordPress on VestaCP is not straightforward. The default package installer Softacluous won’t let you install WordPress and some other popular script directly. It will ask you purchase subscription package. Nonetheless, there are ways to install WordPress on VestaCP. Read: Video Guide to Install & Setup VestaCP with SSL First, go to WordPress and download […]

Video Guide to Install & Setup VestaCP with SSL

Installing & setup VestaCP with SSL and FTP could be a difficult task for beginners. Needless to say, many of us get lost in simple stuff like FQDN hostname for VestaCP. This guide includes videos as well to show it’s quite easy to install and setup VestaCP. But before we begin, you need to have […]

10 best email marketing tools and website

Email marketing though sound easier, but it’s not the case any more. Unlike old times you cannot send bulk emails without every emails protocols in place. Here are some tools which will help you test your SMTP server to achieve industry standard protocols. These tools will show you reason for deviation from protocols, therefore you […]

10 software to make your own SMTP server for email marketing

Building your own SMTP server for email marketing is no easy task. There are so many ways and each of them cost differently and server different purpose. In this guide I will tell you 10 ways in which you can build SMTP server. Read: 10 best email marketing tools and website Open Source Software 1. […]

Best and Cheap VPS hosting for email marketing

Recently, one of the my students asked for list of best and cheap VPS hosting provider for email marketing. This is one of difficult question to answer. It is because there are hundreds of VPS hosting provider but none of them is perfect. Read 10 ways to build your own SMTP server for email marketing […]

Install & Configure PowerMTA on CentOS with IP rotation

Installing & configuring PowerMTA could be a daunting task for beginners. However, if you are in digital marketing especially email marketing you would be tempted to try PowerMTA once in a life. Therefore, I have came up with the simplest way to install PowerMTA step by step on CentOS 7/8. Beginning First of all, PowerMTA […]

6 Free Control Panel as cPanel alternative in 2021

Today almost all web hosting company provides cPanel on Linux hosting to manage users their website and application. It is because cPanel is simple and easy to use. But when it comes to self hosting, in other words you bought a VPS or cloud and wants to manage application getting cPanel could be expensive affair. […]