Top Bulk Email Verifier & Validation Software and Services


Before, I discuss the list of bulk email verifier and validation software and website, let’s discuss why you should verify the list.

  • To get better inbox delivery
  • Verification minimizes hard bounce
  • Low bounce rate means boost IP and domain reputation
  • It prevents getting blacklisted by ISP
  • To get better return on investment

Now the question arises, how often one should verify emails? Well, if you are sending newsletter weekly or at least monthly to all your subscribers then you won’t have to verify the list at all, provided automatic bounce removal is in place on your SMTP server. However, if you are not sending the newsletter to all subscribers at once or you send it once in a while, then I would say cleaning up the list every 6 months.

What is the difference between Software and Services?

The major difference between email verification software and services is in terms of functioning. While services usage their huge database build over years to quickly run customers’ email lists, software checks all email ids one by one. Several requests to ISP, without actually sending emails, irks ISP which could lead to IP blacklisting. ISP’s doesn’t like email verification tools or services.

Having said that it’s time to look at the list.


1. Atomic Mail Verifier

Atomic Mail Verifier is quite old email verifier. It verifies top ISP like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc., and cost-effective. They also offer free trial on their software. It also checks for syntax errors in email ids and domain existence. Though it is loaded with many good features, it does have downside. It fails to verify the email addresses of many ISP.


There is a number of services available nowadays. And, all of them claim to be better than others. I have listed few services along with a comparison table to help you get started.

Comparison Table

Bulk Email VerifiersPriceAccuracyRatingsDisposable & Catch AllIntegrationsFree TrialTime Taken for 100kCustomer Support
Debounce500K: $300
1M: $500
97.50%4.7/5.0 Capterra
4.5/5.0 G2
+8 More
One Time 1002 HourTicket Support
Live Chat
Zerobounce500K: $1100
1M: $1590
98.80%4.7/5.0 Capterra
4.7/5.0 TrustPilot
+45 More
Monthly 1001 HourTicket Support
LiveChat & Phone
myEmailVerifier500K: $199
1M: $299
99.00%4.8/5.0 G2
4.4/5.0 LCA
+5 More
One Time 2003 HourTicket Support
MillionVerifier500K: $199
1M: $299
99.00%5.0/5.0 AWH
4.5/5.0 TrustPilot
YesAny Application
One Time 2001 HourTicket Support
Live Chat
EmailVerifyList500K: $547
1M: $947
99.00%5.0/5.0 AWHYesAny Application
Every Day 501 HourTicket Support
Live Chat
Snov500K: €900
1M: €1400
98.00%5.0/5.0 G2
3.8/5.0 TrustPilot
+10 More
One Time 1001 HourTicket Support

1. Zerobounce

Zerobounce is well known and quite popular but not cheaper. It’s probably the most expensive service. But nonetheless, they have billions of email ids in their databases that get your job done in minutes. It also claims to use Artificial Intelligence.

2. Debounce

Debounce is another well-known service. With simple, clean UI and faster service, they have earned the top position in the industry. Many of my students were satisfied with the services. They also offer free email extractor and free disposable detector API. You can integrate this API with your service to stay away from spammers.

3. myEmailVerifier

myEmailVerifier is easy to integrate with popular services like mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, SendGrid, etc. It pricing is competitive and par to other counterparts.

4. MillionVerifier

MillionVerifier is one of the cheapest email verification and validation service. It also has accuracy of 99% for verification.

5. EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify with 4.7/5 Capterra rating, user satisfaction is all time high this service.


To sum up all software have limited capability and slow but cheapest to run, while services are fast but expensive. Among various services all claims to be better than another. At this point, it would be wise to begin with cheapest service.

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