Best and Cheap VPS hosting for email marketing


Recently, one of the my students asked for list of best and cheap VPS hosting provider for email marketing. This is one of difficult question to answer. It is because there are hundreds of VPS hosting provider but none of them is perfect.


10 ways to build your own SMTP server for email marketing

1. Contabo

The German VPS provider sells VPS really cheap. Starting at €4.99 per month they are best one for SMTP server. They sell VPS with open port 25. So you don’t have to worry port at least. You can also order additional IPv4 to fulfill your need of emailing.

Check out Contabo VPS plans

2. OVH

The France based hosting provider is second on my list. They also sells VPS for cheap but not as cheap as Contabo. But they are good one and several datacenters across the world. Here also you can order additional IPv4.

Check out OVH plans

3. Hetzner

It is another cheap VPS provider in Germany and Finland. They do sell VPS with open port 25 as of now. Also you can get up to 10 additional IPs.

Check out Hetzner cloud plans

4. Hostwinds

Hostwinds price is not very cheap, but they are known for reliability. There do offer competitive price and open port 25. Now a days many VPS providers are not selling VPS with open port 25 to curb spamming.

Check out Hostwinds plan

5. Interserver

Interserver not only provide VPS hosting but also let you choose different platform to which you can subscribe based on your need. From KVM to open VZ, they provide various options at competitive price.

Check out Interserver VPS plans

This list would be inexhaustible and I have tried to list few cheap and best one. Let me know in comment if you find another best one.

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