How to solve Email Deliverability issues with Yahoo?

Email deliverability

Deliverability is a real challenge in the modern email marketing as spam filters are constantly evolving and filtering incoming mail more aggressively than ever. You can check our article on “What email goes to Spam in Gmail, AOL, & others” to know more about it. Yahoo is not an exception.

Recently, Yahoo has been stopping many emails from reaching people’s inboxes all over the country. Although Yahoo hasn’t explained why they are doing this, there are some steps you can take to make sure your emails get through. In this article, we’ll look into why this block is happening and what you can do to solve the problem. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Does Yahoo Block My Emails?

There can be several reasons why Yahoo is blocking your emails:

1. Unauthentic Emails: If you are using an unauthenticated email, your mail will surely get blocked in yahoo.

2. Spam-Looking Content: Another big reason why Yahoo blocking incoming emails is that your email might look spammy.

3. Email Deliverability Issue: If your email faces some deliverability problem, it will bounce back or end up in a spam folder.

4. Poor Data Integration: Data is a precious thing for business. It provides accurate direction to that company.

5. ISP Block Bounce: ISP blocks can unintentionally hinder legitimate emails despite their purpose of identifying spam.

6. Drastic Change In Email Volume: If your email volume is not consistent it can get blocked by yahoo.

7. Invalid Email Address: Yahoo blocks emails if you send them to invalid or blocked email IDs.

8. Email Domain Not Marked As Safe Sender: The spam filter automatically recognized the blacklisted and whitelisted emails.

9. Spamming Complaints: Doing efficient email marketing is good for the business but overloading the recipient folder can cause you trouble.

Understanding Yahoo’s Email Filtering System

Yahoo mail’s spam filter is designed to identify specific signals in emails that indicate they may be spam. These signals include factors like a blacklisted IP address, a domain with a poor reputation, or a high number of user complaints. When the spam filter detects any of these signals in incoming emails, it takes action by diverting those emails into the recipients’ spam folders.

How to Check the Yahoo Blacklist?

Yahoo uses Spamhaus, a public real-time blacklist. To check if your email or domain is blacklisted on Yahoo using Spamhaus, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Spamhaus website: Go to the official Spamhaus website at

2. Access the Spamhaus Domain Blocklist (DBL): On the Spamhaus homepage, hover over the “IP/Domain Lookup” tab and click on “Domain Blocklist (DBL)”.

3. Enter your domain name: In the search bar provided, enter your domain name that you want to check for blacklisting.

4. Perform the search: Click on the “Lookup” button to initiate the search.

The search results will display if your domain is listed on the Spamhaus DBL. If your domain is listed, it means it is blacklisted by Spamhaus, which can potentially affect email deliverability to Yahoo.

Guidelines for Seeking Removal from Yahoo’s Blacklist

Yahoo uses Spamhaus, a public real-time blacklist. Make sure your IP is not listed there. If it is, you need to request removal from Spamhaus before you contact Yahoo.

The removal process differs based on the list and severity of the listing. Spamhaus listings do expire, but the expiration can be as long as six months. If your IP is on the list, you need to contact Spamhaus.

1. Send an email — that’s the easiest way to check for removal, by filling the removal request form. It’s usually simple to remove your IP address from the Spamhaus blacklist. Your IP may once again be blocked if you don’t cease the spam. If this keeps happening, it can be difficult to have your IP deleted, therefore you would require your ISP or web host’s assistance.

2. Then No matter how many emails you send, you can open a support ticket with Yahoo.

You might find that once your IP is removed from Spamhaus, your emails may start flowing to Yahoo emails again.

What is Yahoo Mail Postmaster Tool?

Yahoo Mail Postmaster Tool is a specialized tool from Yahoo. By using it, you can analyze and monitor your email health and find out the right routes for your messages to reach the inbox. You can also set up a Feedback Loop with this tool and once you have, you can receive spam rate reports.

Additionally, the Yahoo Mail Postmaster Tool offers resources, guidelines, and best practices to help senders optimize their email deliverability to Yahoo Mail. It provides recommendations on authentication methods, email content, sending volumes, and other factors that can impact the success of email campaigns.

Follow Yahoo’s Best Practices

Yahoo’s main goal is to make sure people receive the emails they want and avoid the ones they don’t. Send relevant and engaging emails for successful delivery.

1. Send Emails customers want: Verify you’re only sending mail to users who specifically requested it.

2. Authenticate using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC: Yahoo strongly urges senders to publish a DMARC policy for each domain that sends mail.

3. Segregate Email types by IP or DKIM domain: Don’t send bulk/marketing email from the same IPs you use to send user mail, transactional mail, alerts, etc.

4. Use OPT-IN method to confirm user subscriptions: Set recipient expectations clearly when users subscribe. Inform them of the mail’s contents, frequency of delivery, and appearance.

5. Allow users to easily unsubscribe: Provide an obvious and visible unsubscribe process that doesn’t require users to log in.

6. Enroll in complaint feedback loop (CFL): Once you sign your emails with DKIM, our CFL program can help you track and manage your spam complaint rates.

7. Publish reverse DNS (PTR) records: Publish valid, meaningful, non-generic reverse DNS (PTR) records for all of your sending IPs.

8. Ensure mail servers are secure: Maintain mail server security with the latest security patches to prevent unauthorized or anonymous use.


In summary, to improve email deliverability with Yahoo, remember the key points. Create engaging and relevant emails, maintain a good sender reputation, and monitor your email performance. These actions will help you overcome deliverability challenges and ensure your messages reach Yahoo users effectively.

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