Zimbra Outlook Settings or Configuration Explained

We all know Zimbra is a great open-source mailing solution. I already have articles on the installation of Zimbra.

Although Zimbra Webmail is very good, we have a habit of sending emails from Outlook. Instead of opening a web page to compose an email every time, it’s definitely easier to compose and send an email from Outlook itself. This article explains the settings/configuration that you need to do inside Outlook to connect to your Zimbra.

1. Add an account in Outlook

Go to add a new Outlook account:


2. Enter Zimbra email address

Next enter your Zimbra login and go to Advanced Options


3. Select IMAP option

On the next window select IMAP


4. Enter Zimbra Port Settings into Outlook

On this window insert Zimbra Hostname and IMAP Port 143 and Zimbra SMTP Port 587.


5. Enter the password

After that, you will be asked to enter the password of your Zimbra account.


6. Zimbra Outlook Connection Complete

On the Next window, you will get a successful message. Hurray, your Outlook is now ready to work with Zimbra.



It’s fairly easy to connect Zimbra to Outlook.

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